Colloquio con la madre (Conversing with mother)

09.02.2016 in Relations

Margaret Hills de Zàrate (TML Team)   Freely adapted from Luigi Pirandello’s novella, Colloquii coi personaggi (A meeting with my characters) Colloquio con la madre (Conversing with mother) is the last in a sequence of five interlinked stories in the film Kaos (1984) by the…

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Il Centro Zonarelli: Spaces of Intercultura – Bologna

25.01.2016 in Relations

La sua azione è finalizzata a sostenere, promuovere e moltipicare le opportunità di incontro, conoscenza reciproca, scambio e dialogo interculturale. (Centro Interculturale Massimo Zonarelli)   Learning how to live, work and collaborate across differences, whether linguistic, cultural or otherwise, is central to how we inhabit…

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Podcast – The Italian Cloister Garden, Glasgow

22.10.2015 in Relations

    These audio recording / podcast were created in order to produce an oral history collection, to preserve and share the collective community memory of an event central to the history and identity of the Scots-Italian and other communities. This new material helps us…

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Tasmanian Italians

17.07.2015 in Relations

Tasmanian Italians The Italian community in Tasmania has been neglected by both historians of Italian migration and other Italian migrants in the Australian mainland as a consequence of its peripheral location and assumed cultural marginality. Very little is known about their past and present, but…

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