Transnationalizing Modern Languages

Mobility, Identity and Translation in Modern Italian Cultures

Transnationalizing Modern Languages (TML) is one of three large grants awarded under the AHRC’s Translating Cultures scheme. TML has set out to examine forms of mobility that have defined the development of modern Italian culture and its interactions with other cultures across the globe. It has sought to do this by concentrating on a series of exemplary cases, representative of the geographic, historical and linguistic map of Italian mobility (see Research Map).

The project has engaged with cultural associations, schools, policy makers and individuals in an exploration of heritage, cultural memory and educational practices. From the insights that it has developed into transnational Italian cultures, TML is participating in the reframing of the study of the disciplinary framework of Modern Languages, arguing that it should be seen as an expert mode of enquiry whose founding research question is how languages and cultures operate and interact across diverse axes of connection. As part of the Global Challenges Research Fund and in collaboration with the University of Namibia, TML is pursuing work on translation and education in Namibia.

In the video, below, Loredana Polezzi explains the aims of the TML. Recordings of the events that TML has organized in its different areas of activity are available in the Media Collection.