Media Collection

The Media Collection presents three elements of the work of TML. The first section, ‘Events and Workshops’, provides recordings of the events that TML has organized. It has recordings from TML’s workshops on linguistic and cultural interchange, on subjectivity, and on creative writing. It has recordings from the project’s Summer School in Venice (2015) and from the event at the British Academy in February 2016 on reshaping Modern Languages. The section also provides recordings from our two major conferences in the autumn of 2016 on ‘Transnational Italies’ and on ‘Transnational Modern Languages’. It also has recordings from the work of the project in schools. Also in this section, you will find definitions of key terms in the ‘TML Audio Keywords |Parole Chiavi’ page.

In the second section of the Media Collection, ‘Human Experience, Mobility and Translation’, you will find textual and visual material, drawn from the work of researchers on the project, that exemplifies the Italian experience of mobility and cultural translation. This section is divided into key areas of human experience, spanning ‘Beginnings’, ‘Endings’, ‘Home’, ‘Work’, ‘Learning’, ‘Relations’.

The third section will host a view of the project Exhibition, ‘Beyond Borders: Transnational Italy’, that was staged in 2016 in Rome and London. It will also host a page on the book projects of TML.