Events and Workshops

This section of the Media Collection provides recordings of the events that TML has organized since the beginning of the project. The recordings offer the chance to see the extent of the work that TML is accomplishing and to listen to the contributions that people from a wide range of backgrounds have made to the research of the project and the questions concerning mobility and cultural translation that it is investigating.

Transnational Italian Studies Summer School, Venice 2015

Linguistic and Cultural Interchange Workshop – Warwick

Workshop on mobility and human subjectivities – Venice

Transnational Modern Languages Audio Words | Parole

TML: Reshaping the discipline for the 21st Century

TML Conference Transnational Italies, BSR 2016, on YouTube
Italian Cultural Institute logo
TML Conference ‘Transnational Modern Languages’, ICI 2016, on YouTube

TML Work with Drummond and Castlebrae CH Schools
La Boca, a neighbourhood of Buenos Aires, Argentina

Policy Report and BA event