Maw or Mamma? Mothers and Motherhood in the Italian-Scottish community

21 Oct 2015, by cp14603 in Relations

The videos below contain testimonies of members of the Italian Scottish Community about the role of women, daughters, mothers and grandmothers in the Italian migrant family, particularly in a Scottish-Italian context. The Italian Mamma is a common national stereotype both within and beyond Italy. These recordings contain fascinating reflections on how this idea of the Italian mother was translated across nations and across generations as these Italian-Scots constructed their identities. It is intended that through these videos, a dialogue will be opened, allowing us to collect more material such as video, recordings, pictures, photographs and other objects related to this topic. It is also hoped to include notions of fatherhood and other socially constructed family identities.


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Gloria Rossi Bee: 00:12
Olivia D’Annunzio: 11:28
Laura Sante: 22:24
Selina Di Ciaccia: 41:40


‘Maw or Mamma? Mothers and Motherhood in the Italian-Scottish community’ was the title of an afternoon of talks, testimonials and discussion co-ordinated by Carlo Pirozzi (University of St Andrews) held at the Scottish Storytelling Centre, Edinburgh, Saturday 17 May 2014. The event was a part of the AHRC Research Network Project La Mamma: Interrogating a National Stereotype, directed by Dr Penelope Morris (University of Glasgow) and Prof Perry Willson (University of Dundee):

Speakers include Mary Contini (of Valvona and Crolla and author of Dear Francesca: An Italian Journey of Recipes Recounted with Love and Dear Olivia: An Italian Journey of Love and Courage), Prof Margaret Rose (Milan State University), Laura Pasetti (Piccolo Teatro, Milan) and members of the Italian Scottish Community.


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