Relationships are understood in the broadest sense to include those we have with each other throughout the life cycle, both fleeting and enduring, to those we have with places and the events connected to them. Narratives of relationships in material culture are numerous and represented in the form of objects such as photographs, keepsakes or mementos, which embody a narrative of a relationship with something or someone. This part of the media collection illustrates the multiplicity of relationships with people and things, time and space, which contribute to a sense of who we are, of continuity and identity, both personal and collective.

Tasmanian Italians

Maw or Mamma? Mothers and Motherhood in the Italian-Scottish community

Podcast – The Italian Cloister Garden, Glasgow

Oresto and Dino Tuzi’s cycle trip from Scotland to Italy

Bailarinas en la a Feria de las Colectividades, Morón – Buenos Aires

Il Centro Zonarelli: Spaces of Intercultura – Bologna

Colloquio con la madre (Conversing with mother)

Diary of di Folco’s experiences in the Italian Army, 1918-21