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November 2014 – February 2015

Carlo Pirozzi, as co-supervisor, begins developing a theatrical piece ‘A Bench on the Road’ about the italian migration in Scotland directed by Laura Pasetti, Theatre Director and Drama Teacher at Accademia del Teatro alla Scala and Piccolo Teatro of Milan and Artistic Director of Charioteer Theatre in Scotland. 

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November 2014-January 2015

Barbara Spadaro is Visiting Fellow at the Centre for Cultural Memory, IMLR, London. As part of this fellowship, she will give a seminar on her work on images of domestic culture in the memory narratives of the Jews from Libya, analyzing photographs and materials collected during her interview fieldwork across Italy, Israel, France and the UK. 

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November 28-29, Kaunas Faculty of Vilnius Academy of Arts (Lithuania)

Margaret Hills de Zarate presents ‘Things: material culture and the construction of identity – an ethnographic perspective’; an examination of the objects or things that surround us and the ways in which objects make up so much of our social and personal life, at the Interdisciplinary Scientific Conference „ Phenomena of Visual Art and Health Issues“ organized by Kaunas Faculty of Vilnius Academy of Arts and the Nursing Faculty of Lithuanian University of Health Sciences.


November 27-28, Rome (Italy)

Derek Duncan takes part, as chair of one the round tables focusing on migration, culture and identity, in the ‘Presente imperfetto. Eredità coloniali e immaginari razziali contemporanei’ Conference at Casa della Memoria e della Storiain Rome.


November 15, University of St. Andrews (UK)

Derek Duncan hosts at the Italian Department a few special events as part of the UK-wide Being Human Festival of the Humanities.


November 13-14, Cardiff (Wales)

Marco Santello presents the TML project at the BA-funded conference ‘Moving People Changing Culture’.

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October 31 – November 1, Taipei University (Taiwan)

Margaret Hills de Zarate presents ‘Leaving, Arriving and Returning: migration and cultural translation’; an overview of current research into trans-generational migration and cultural translation’.


October 29, Bristol (UK)

Barbara Spadaro and Charles Burdett inaugurate the School of Modern Language Seminar Series at the University of Bristol presenting the first case studies of the project.


October 17-19, Toronto (Canada)

Terri Colpi, Loredana Polezzi, Barbara Spadaro take part in ‘Transnationalising Italian (American) Studies: From Theory to Pedagogy’ at Italian American Studies (IASA) Conference. Round Table with Donna Gabaccia (University of Toronto) and Fred Gardaphé, Anthony Tamburri (J. D. Calandra Italian American Institute, CUNY).


October 14, Rome (Italy)

Derek Duncan takes part in ‘L’Italia coloniale, l’Italia dei migranti’ training courses for teachers at Vittoriano Museum Complex in Rome, presenting a paper on mobility and identity in migrant cultures.


September 1-4, Edinburgh (Scotland)

Drummond Community High School: Adult Education Workshop exploring the translation of words and memories in different through different artistic media fully supported by TML.


July 25, Lviv (Ukraine)

Presentation of paper (as yet untitled) by  Margaret Hills de Zárate at the Lviv Psychotherapy Association on migration and identity.


July 19, Rome (Italy)

Derek Duncan is interviewed by film director Fred Kudjo Kowurno for his new documentary Blaxploitation.

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July 9-10, Southampton (UK)

Charles Burdett and Naomi Wells present the TML project aims and the project website at the conference, ‘Reshaping Languages in Higher Education’, Centre for Languages, Linguistics and Area Studies.


July 3-September 5, Sardinia (Italy)

Warwick second-year undergraduate, Paolo Vacca, conducts research in Sardinia on the project, ‘Detecting Sardinian literary identity in the English-speaking world’. This project engages writers, publishers, agents and archivists in an enquiry into choices and strategies which influence the translation of literature produced in Sardinia, both in dialect and standard Italian, into English for a wider global market. Paolo’s research, inspired by the broader TML project, is funded within the University of Warwick’s Undergraduate Research Scholarship Scheme and is supervised by Jennifer Burns.


July, (UK)

Proposal for edited volume on intercultural research in the arts accepted by Routledge. Editors Ditty Doktor, University of East Anglia and Margaret Hills de Zárate, QMU. Final manuscript to be submitted August 2015 to include chapter on TML research.


June 27, Turin (Italy)

Loredana Polezzi attends meeting with Maddalena Tirabassi, Director, Centro Altreitalie sulle Migrazioni Italiane (project partner).


June 26, Melbourne (Australia)

Marco Santello accesses the archives of the Italian Historical Society and begins his collaboration with Paolo Baracchi, director of the MuseoItaliano in Melbourne’s Little Italy. 


June 25-July 27, Rome (Italy)

Derek Duncan starts working with our partners Archivio Memorie Migranti on the visual documentation of recent migration to Italy.


June 23, Melbourne (Australia)

Marco Santello starts his visiting position at Monash University.


June 22, Kirkwall (Orkney Islands, UK)

Carlo Pirozzi presents TML project at ‘The Italian Chapel & the Italians at War’ round table.


June 18-19, St. Andrews (UK)

Barbara Spadaro gives a paper on her case study on ‘Italian Jews at the Age of Religious Internationalism’ at Invisible Empires: Italy and Economies of Exchange International Conference at University of St. Andrews.


June 15-28, Bologna (Italy)

Naomi Wells visits Bologna to establish contacts with cultural associations and begin gathering research materials.


June 12-13, Warwick (UK)

Research team meeting and project workshop with Prof. Donna Gabaccia (University of Toronto and member of TML Advisory Board).


June 12, Palermo (Italy)

Margaret Hills de Zarate attends a meeting with Professor Salvo Pitruzzella, Professor Maia Manusco and the Dean of the Accademia di Belle Arti, Palermo to discuss research links and collaboration re: Sicilian migration to South America.


May 27, St. Andrews (Scotland)

Pop Paolozzi!’ Opening of an exhibition of prints based on the life and work of Eduardo Paolozzi. The work that is on display has been produced by S1 pupils at Drummond Community High School, Edinburgh, very close to where Paolozzi grew up.


May 25, Toronto (Canada)

Barbara Spadaro convenes (with Elisabetta Bini) the workshop ‘Gendering the History of Libya: Transnational and Feminist Approaches’, 2014 Berkshire Conference on theHistory of Women, ‘Histories on the Edge/Histoires sur la brèche’, University of Toronto.


May 17, Edinburgh (UK)

Carlo Pirozzi co-ordinates the ‘Maw or Mamma? Mothers and Motherhood in the Italian-Scottish Community’ event at the Scottish Storytelling Centre.


May 14-21, Addis Ababa (Ethiopia)

Charles Burdett presents TML at the Italian Cultural Institute and establishes contacts with cultural associations in Addis Ababa and begins gathering research materials.


May 7, Bristol (UK)

Charles Burdett and Barbara Spadaro present the TML project at the ‘Colonialism, Postcolonialism and Neocolonialism Research Cluster’ at the School of Modern Languages of University of Bristol.


May 6-20, Edinburgh (UK)

Margaret Hills de Zárate participates in a workshop led by Claire Cochrane at Stills Gallery relating to an online archive celebrating the diversity of people living in Scotland.


May 1-2, Bristol (UK)

Research team meeting and website design workshop, University of Bristol.


April 25, New York (USA)

Barbara Spadaro presents her research on the Jews from Libya at the Primo Levi Center-Casa Italiana Zerilli-Marimò.


April 11, Reading (UK)

Naomi Wells introduces the project and her research at the British Academy Early Careers Event on ‘Linguistic Diversity and Cultural Identities in the History of Europe’, University of Reading.


March 29, London (UK)

Charles Burdett, Loredana Polezzi, Marco Santello and Naomi Wells present for the first time the TML project at the Symposium ‘Translating Cultures’, University of London.


March 27-28, Rome (Italy)

Derek Duncan, Margaret Hills de Zárate, Carlo Pirozzi and Barbara Spadaro introduce TML project and own research at SIS Conference ‘Interstitial Italy: Reassessing global questions through the ‘peculiar’ Italian case’ at the British School at Rome. 


March 25, New York (USA)

Loredana Polezzi meets colleagues at Centre for Urban Science and Progress, NYU, Brooklyn.


March 24, New York (USA)

Meeting at John D. Calandra Italian American Institute, Queens College (project partner), to discuss role of the Institute in the TML programme of research and public engagement activities in the US and Canada (Fred Gardaphé, Joseph Sciorra, Loredana Polezzi, Anthony Tamburri).


March 21-23, New York (USA)

Loredana Polezzi takes part in ‘Literary Translation in the Capital(s)’ seminar at the American Association of Comparative Literature 2013 conference, NYU, presenting a paper on methodological aspects of research in translation and migration.


February 13-14, Warwick (UK)

Official launch of Transnationalizing Modern Languages (TML) project and first TML Advisory Board meeting, University of Warwick.


February 6-June 5, Edinburgh (UK)

Margaret Hills de Zárate pursues a period of participative observation with class SC1 at Drummond Community High School focussing on the life and work of Scots –Italian artist Eduardo Paolozzi through multi-media and art making.