Two Calls for Short Stories in response to The Manuscript of Monte Cassino by Eduardo Paolozzi

06 Mar 2016, by cp14603 in News

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The first call for stories is Scottish Book Trust’s 50 Word Fiction Competition (can you create a story in 50 words or less?), the second is for a short story without any specific word limit. For both, can you write a story in response to The Manuscript of Monte Cassino (1991), a powerful artwork created by one of Britain’s leading twentieth century sculptors and artists, Eduardo Paolozzi (7 March 1924 – 22 April 2005). He was born in Edinburgh into an Italian family who had migrated to Scotland in the early Twentieth Century. This sculpture is situated in Picardy Place at the top of Leith Walk in Edinburgh.



What do we know about this sculpture? What effect does it have on us? Certainly it bears an historical memory. But what memories are created and what stories are told when it is seen from a transnational and transcultural perspective? What insight are we going to create? What will the different writers bring to the experience of The Manuscript of Monte Cassino and what will they take away? How might they and the reader participating in this process of cultural exchange and translation be transformed?


Images by Luigi Giannetti



Submission for Scottish Book Trust’s 50 Word Fiction Competition: Wednesday March 30th at Midnight (more info here).

Submission for Short Stories without word limit: 1st MAY 2016.

Publications: The texts will also be selected for online publication in the Media Collection pages of the TML website.



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