Transnational identity. Call for illustration and other visual representation

06 Mar 2016, by cp14603 in News

ECA-logo 1In collaboration with the Edinburgh College of Art – Graphic Design and Illustration.



We often imagine that we belong to only one culture, but human experience is almost always, in some sense, transnational, with movement between cultures. How can such experiences be expressed in creative images? How and why do we move between countries, or within them? What images can reveal a sense of belonging (or not)? How can ‘cultural translation’ or living in a bilingual or multilingual environment be represented visually? What is gained or lost in terms of our personal and cultural identities?


In collaboration with Dr Jonathan Gibbs and Dr Michael Windle (Edinburgh College of Art – Graphic Design and Illustration). The project will be presented at ECA Bookmarks Event at Edinburgh College of Art, on the 24th March 2016. This event focused on academic study, exploring how artists’ books are used, promoted and created in educational settings in collaboration with other institutions in Scotland.




Carlo Pirozzi (TML Team)

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