Identities in Motion. Legacies and Representations of Mobility in Contemporary Italy – Warwick

01 Mar 2016, by cp14603 in News

POSTER identities in motion 1We are very pleased to invite you to the workshop ‘Identities in Motion. Legacies and Representations of Mobility in Contemporary Italy’, on 4 March (2-9 pm) at the Research Exchange, Library, Warwick.

The event aims to discuss Italian mobility and representational practices from the end of the colonial experience to nowadays. In this regard, Italy offers an interesting case study due to the singularity of the colonial past, the complexity of the process of decolonization, the history of migrations and related current issues. Several methodologies will dialogue together in order to deconstruct the idea of a monolithic, monolingual and monocultural national identity, by investigating the borders of these discourses.

The theoretical debate will not exhaust the content of the workshop. Rather, ‘Identities in Motion’ has been designed to be a forum for both scholars and practitioners. Among the others, we have invited Gabriella Ghermandi, an Italo-Ethiopian performer and writer, whose performance based on her novel ‘Queen of flowers and pearls’ (2007) will conclude the event.

The detailed programme can be found here.


The event is free, but registration is needed. Please, email or



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