Print Generation – St Andrews, Byre Theatre, Level 4 May 11-24

20 Nov 2015, by cp14603 in News

image OkThis exhibition opened by Professor Will Fowler marks the second year of a three-year collaborative project between the AHRC-funded Transnationalizing Modern Languages Project led at St Andrews by Professor Derek Duncan (Italian) and the Art Department at Drummond Community High School, Edinburgh. One of the aims of the project is rethink the place of languages and cultural exchange in the curriculum.

This year S3 students researched their own cultural heritage creating a dialogue between parents, grandparents and other family members. Their findings were then recorded in visual journals and took the form of patterns from various textile traditions and the design of family trees. Ten students were selected to participate in an artist led workshop where the students learnt new techniques such as gelatin and intaglio printing. These delicately, layered prints reflect textile influences from countries such as Poland, Germany, England, Pakistan, Jamaica, Scotland, Australia and America.




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