Moving between cultures inevitably involves a series of beginnings and endings. A sense of an ending is present when someone begins to feel that they belong more to one culture than another; it is present when memories start to fade or when the features that have defined a way of being in the world begin to disappear. Endings are experienced as belonging both to the public and the private sphere, and they occur in all areas of life. This section of the media collection draws together examples from different communities of people’s experience of personal and collective endings. It illustrates some of the rituals that are relied upon to mark important transitions and some of the reminders or traces of the past that appear in the present. The section explores how differing cultural practices come together in the way that endings are marked or remembered. It looks both at how public ceremonies have been represented across a range of contexts and at how endings are revealed within people’s everyday lives.


Valparaiso: migrantes y disidentes – Chile

Amara Terra Mia