Tutto il mondo è paese : researching subjectivities from Italy in Global Historical Perspective

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Donna R Gabaccia is Professor of History at the University of Toronto. From 2005-2012 she directed the Immigration History Research Center at the University of Minnesota.  She is author of many books and articles on transnational gender, class, and labor (From the Other Side: Women, Gender, and Immigrant Life in the United States, Indiana University Press, 1994), on food studies (We Are what Eat: Ethnic Food and the Making of Americans, Harvard University Press, 1998), and on Italian migration around the world (Italy’s Many Diasporas, University College of London Press, 2000).  Her book Foreign Relations won the 2013 Theodore Saloutos Prize of the Immigration and Ethnic History Society. Her most recent book, Gender and Migration (Russell Sage Foundation Press, 2015) co-authored with Vanderbilt University sociologist and demographer Katharine Donato University sociologist and demographer Katharine Donato, explores the early origins of the so-called feminization of international migration in immigration restriction, family reunification policies, and the growing importance of refugees and largely female  markets for labor across the 20th century.  In 2008, Gabaccia served as president of the Social Science History Association; she also recently received the University of Minnesota’s Award for Outstanding Community Service.


Two of Donna Gabaccia’s current projects:

Imagining Nations of Immigrants” presented at La Storia in Piazza, Genova 2012.

Ander Lecture 2012: “The Freedom to Move”.




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