TML @ the 25th AEMI conference in Turin

11 Oct 2015, by cp14603 in News


The 25th annual conference of the Association of European Migration Institutions (AEMI) took place in Turin at the Centro Altreitalie from the 24th to the 26th of September 2015. The title of the event was ‘Europe and Migrations in the 3rd Millenium and participants came from across Europe but also from as far as Australia. AEMI was founded in Germany in 1991 and gathers more than 40 European institutions whose core interests are in the broad area of migration. Participants included the directors of research centres and museums, as well as scholars from a number of academic institutions.  

Dr Margaret Hills de Zárate and Prof. Loredana Polezzi, from the TML team, presented a talk on ‘Transnational Italian networks and transnational Italian studies’, which was part of a panel on ‘Archives, Museums, Projects’. The talk illustrated the overall TML project, with particular attention to research methodologies and to the centrality of mobility and migration for educational programmes in today’s universities.

There are clear symergies between the objectives of TML and those of AEMI, whose members aim to support the study of past and present migrations into, out of and across Europe. The Centro Altreitalie, which organized the conference is an active partner in TML and further contacts and conversations are already emerging from meetings in Turin.




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